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Uni-Surrounds: REFUSE TO WONK!!
The video below shows a completely over-the top attempt to make the KickTags labels go out of line. But you know what? They're totally wonk-proof, so they don't!  You'll laugh... you'll cry... you might just hurl. Don't be a wonker - CHECK IT OUT!



And coming soon for these splendid devices too...




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Top 10 Cool Facts about KickTags Labels!!


Awesome, slick looking, non-printed, zero-distraction matt-finish SOLID Acrylic-based labels. These look and feel fantastic, are extremely drool-proof, hard-wearing and non-reflective for minimal glare under stage lighting. Nice.



These buggers are strong. No, really, REALLY strong! They're made from laser-cut solid Acrylic tops, placed on magnetic backings with embedded Neodymium (rare earth) magnets. Why should you care? Well, for starters, they're 4mm thick (yes, FOUR mm!) so they won't break easily or tear, they're laser-cut so fit with total precision and the Neo magnets embedded in main labels mean they won't come off your board unless you want them to. In fact, the Neos used in the Surrounds are strong enough to lift 0.6kg of vertical steel weight.... EACH!!!


There is none! Because they're magnetic, you can move them around whenever you like. Plus, the innovative 
'Uni-Surrounds' mean your labels never go Wonky (nobody likes a wonker), and keep dead straight gig, after gig, after gig. No fuss, no mess, no wonking, no problemo!


Glow in the dark labels as standard for all Text Labels! These charge with UV light, natural light or stage lighting to increase visibility over non-glow labels. Great for stage use, but cool no matter where you play!


'Functional Elegance' was the design goal, with all unnecessary flannel stripped away to give the most useful and practical labels that ooze cool and add to the pro look of the controller.  I've not even put my company logo on them!


I really like kebabs... that 'oh man, I don't know what's in this, but it feels like garlic and chilly sauce covered meaty heaven' feeling you get when.. erm, I mean... Fully customisable text yes, yes, fully customisable text, that's right...  have your labels say whatever you want! (I personally like references to non-descript meat items, as you may have gathered).


Thoughtful design elements avoid them, such as a secondary (dual) window allowing you to group your switches by colour or incorporate looper symbols, numbers, functions or cool graphics.


You can purchase blank Text Labels, allowing you to write on them using a dry-wipe pen, which you can then erase with a dry cloth and write on over and over!


Everything is machine cut, but then hand assembled (the labels are made in 'layers' - up to 4 in one element of one labell!) and hand finished with little touches that make them cooler than cool. 


Ok, there is no #10, but it wouldn't be much of a top 10 list without one, so let me just take this opportunity to thank you for dropping in and to wish you good karma, peace and positivity wherever you are :-)


Proudly made on Planet Earth (in the odd shaped bit known as 'England') and shipped worldwide to my fellow human brothers and sisters.